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Make and receive phone calls to and from anywhere in the world. MT has developed Voip4SAT, an extremely reliable and efficient solution, in terms of costs and quality, even in the middle of the ocean!
VoIP4SAT is integrated with a monitoring system, allowing customers to keep tabs on everything, 24/7. Monitoring is simple and complete with an excellent export system making all data available 365 days a year.

  • Local numbers (US, EU and other countries)

  • Postpaid

  • IP PBX

  • No additional connectivity costs

  • 20kps for a call

icon Voip4SAT
icon IPTV


Our IPTV service makes it possible to watch multimedia contents on TV wherever you are in the middle of the ocean. You can watch live and on-demand TV programs, sporting events, movies and news from around the world using your Internet connection. We are also able to provide temporary access to our KU-band satellites enabling real-time broadcast of custom programming.

  • Dynamic Quality Adaptation

  • Set-top-box

  • Connectivity

  • Customized TV contents

icon SKY


MT offers the perfect solution to enjoy high-quality programming from SKY channels. Customers can choose which TV channels to watch, all live, while at sea.

  • Many channels available

  • SKY Decoder

  • High-quality contents

icon SKY

Video Surveillance

MT offers video monitoring solutions specifically for on-board safety and security with reliable and clear recordings, accessible from PCs and mobile devices. Surveillance services, which can be accessed from anywhere via VSAT/4G, are active 24/7. Video camera installation and monitoring services from the Control Room are available upon request.

  • Live monitoring from PC, smartphones and tablets

  • Installation and Control Room available upon request

  • Video streaming and/or snapshots

icon Video Surveillance

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