Being always connected is a must, even when in the middle of the ocean, whether on a yacht, a merchant or cruise ship, a fishing boat or an offshore platform.
Therefore, MT has developed a wide range of solutions for Internet connectivity, telecommunications via satellite and 4/5G technology in order to ensure that each customer receives service in line with their specific requirements.



MT provides global coverage thanks to a large number of agreements with primary satellite operators.


MT offers a tailor-made service based on regional, multi-regional and global coverage. VSAT services are available in Ku, Ka and C-band from our teleports with no restrictions on signal coverage. Thanks to relationships with all major satellite operators, MT provides the best solution to meet customers’ needs. Service is compatible with the main antenna brands, with diameters ranging 45 to 240 cm.

  • High speed data and voice links to both fixed and mobile sites

  • Regional, multi-regional and global coverage

  • Dedicated, shared and mesh networks

  • Compatibility with all major antennas manufacturers (Sailor, Intellian, Orbit, KNS) and the major platforms (Newtec, iDirect, Comtech).

  • Consulting services for performance and cost optimization

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Iridium MT packages keep ships connected anywhere on the planet, including the polar regions. Designed to work under any conditions: whether under the blazing sun or in freezing or high winds, Iridium delivers broadband and high-quality voice data through a single, low-cost platform.


FleetBroadband, which is accessible globally except for the polar regions, offers connectivity, voice and backup services through a robust network of L-band satellites. Customers can select 250 or 500 FB to best meet their ship’s needs. FB makes it possible to browse the web, send and receive e-mail or text messages to and from other FB terminals or land-based cellular networks. Voicemail and other advanced call handling options are available upon request, including caller identification, caller blocking and call forwarding.

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Hybrid Solution

Using innovative proprietary automatic roaming technology, MT has developed Hybrid Solution, which combines the best of the features available on the iDirect, Newtec Dialog and Comtech in one single package.

Customers no longer need to decide from the outset or invest time in complex forecasting to decide which technology to adopt.


For faster, more cost-effective Internet browsing, 4/5G technologies are the best solutions when offshore.


4G connection includes global, regional, or local coverage. Choosing MT brings several advantages: single or multiple operators per country, bundles from 10 GB to 100+ TB, traffic monitoring platform with alerts and alarms, modem and antenna installation.

  • Global and Regional coverage

  • Single or multiple operators per country

  • Plans from 10GB up to 100TB

  • Traffic monitoring platform and automated alerts

  • Modem and antenna installation services

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The advent of 5G is removing many of the technical barriers to a fast digitalization. Through agreements with major telecommunications service providers, MT has developed data packages based on multiple roaming agreements. MT SIMs use third-party networks (KPN, Vodafone, Orange…), and provide pay-per-use or package offers to meet customers’ needs.


The 25 years experience in business lets MT operate in different types of markets and provide the best Internet communications solutions to each of them.


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