With 25 years of experience, MT provides the best Internet communications solutions to a wide range of markets. Shipowners, management companies, shipyards, construction companies, NGOs, government agencies, just to name a few.

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Higher operational efficiency, improved sailing, telecommunications monitoring, greater security at sea, equitable costs. These are just a few of the benefits MT offers to shipping companies.

Thanks to our services, owners and crews improve their way of doing business and the quality of life on board.


Working in the energy sector sometimes means facing complex challenges. Nevertheless MT, managing proprietary satellites, can provide end-to-end private networks and VPN solutions to securely connect remote areas. Companies that choose MT to optimally connect people and equipment improve their operational efficiency.

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Offshore operators (in exploration, inspection, repair, surveillance, etc.) require reliable solutions for team communications and data transfer.

MT’s services enable the monitoring and management of operations, while VPN and end-to-end private networks provide secure operations management.


As no two waves are the same at sea no two yachts have the same needs. Every yacht is unique. MT identifies and provides the right communications and solutions for owners and guests.


MT Yachting works tirelessly to offer the most up-to-date VSAT technology on the market and to provide the highest levels of dedicated bandwidth. Our suites of world-class communications services will enhance connectivity and therefore the experience at sea.

Customer satisfaction is what guides MT.

Cruises and Ferries

Having connectivity anytime, anywhere is no longer a luxury, especially if you decide to use MT’s technology. MT’s state-of-the-art VSAT solutions ensure a wide range of services to cover the needs of cruises and ferry passengers.

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Being an NGO means operating all over the world, even in remote areas where the land-line connectivity is limited. MT Wi-Fi networks offer mobility and freedom, creating operational flexibility for NGOs. VSAT also provides reliable and cost-effective voice, data and video streaming solutions, no matter where in the world you might be.


Today, having a virtual mobile office is imperative for businesses. Connecting remote locations with satellite broadband provides the convenience of having an office “at your fingertips”, maximizing operational efficiency wherever one might be. MT solutions provide voice, video conferencing, VPN, cybersecurity, video surveillance, FTP, mailbox, webmail, web browsing, hot spots and much more.

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Government Agencies

Due to the peculiar nature of their work, government agencies have specific reliability requirements for communications and data transfer, especially in case of emergencies. With VSAT technology, MT is able to provide fast, secure and reliable communication services, both among fixed units and those that are constantly mobile. Application list includes: embassies, military bases, headquarters, ships and other facilities. Furthermore, MT offers a more complete service by providing data transfer and voice services for the private use of personnel located at remote sites.

Telco and ISP's

MT’s advanced satellite technologies provide for the backhauling of LTE, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max services, where not reached by optical fiber.

In addition, MT’s team of engineers provides effective and cost-efficient strategies for project management, hardware procurement, network design, installation, maintenance and support. One point of contact for all services!

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Our Services

MT provides a wide range of communications services to meet all your needs.


One Step Ahead. Our passionate team of engineers offers innovative solutions for connectivity anticipating customer needs: customer satisfaction is our top priority.


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