Milano Teleport and Intelsat present Flex Enterprise

February 2023

A recent agreement between Milano Teleport and Intelsat has resulted in the promotion of Intelsat FlexEnterprise, a satellite-as-a-service option that delivers increased quality for connectivity and enables quicker expansion for businesses.

Providing benefits of particular interest for the Mining, Construction, Banking and Energy markets, FlexEnterprise can reliably increase network reach and resiliency regardless of local telecom availability. FlexEnterprise offers an opportunity to rapidly scale performance capacity and home in on increased customer demand. With this innovative new satellite-service option from Intelsat and fulfillment by Milano Teleport, organizations can eliminate network gaps and increase connectivity to their entire customer base.

Milano Teleport

With 25 years of experience, MT is one of the world’s leading satellite telecommunications providers. Specialized in Ku, Ka and C-band VSAT connectivity solutions, LEO constellations, 4/5G networks, as well as Cybersecurity. MT operates on several maritime and land verticals, offering a wide variety of services designed around its customers’ needs. MT is valued for their top-of-the-line customer service, support, and flexibility, and its team is comprised of some of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry. MT understands that with constant change comes the need for constant innovation and seeks to continuously improve and advance its technology. The opportunity to join Intelsat in promoting such a unique and vital product was a simple choice.


As the foundational architects of satellite technology, Intelsat operates the world’s most trusted satellite telecom network. Intelsat applies its unparalleled expertise and global scale to connect people, businesses and communities, no matter how difficult the challenge. In addition to its existing portfolio of capacity and managed services like FlexEnterprise, Intelsat is building the future of global communications with the world’s first hybrid, multi-orbit, software-defined 5G network designed for simple, seamless, and secure coverage precisely when and where our customers most need it.


FlexEnterprise allows companies to jumpstart a new service, strengthen their own SD-WAN, digitize with Cloud Connect, and deliver service more successfully than ever before. With a ready-to-deploy, global footprint, FlexEnterprise provides expansion and reliability benefits that have been difficult to find until now.

Customers will now be able to connect users to cloud resources from virtually any location and provide a new level of reach and reliability to SD-WAN deployments regardless of where enterprise locations are stationed or the state of local terrain and climate. And with the Intelsat-designed Service Management Portal, enterprises can enable new sites quickly and monitor activity in real time, making it easier than ever to scale and drive new business quickly and efficiently.

With FlexEnterprise, Milano Teleport is offering its customers a new way to harness the latest in technologies and services to seize and grow new opportunities.

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The 25 years experience in business lets MT operate in different types of markets and provide the best Internet communications solutions based on the needs of the specific sector where it interfaces.