MT People: Pasquale

January 2023

MT People: Pasquale Fico, Technical Presales Engineer

Tell us about your typical day/week

My typical working day is at the office, in close contact with colleagues and Partners; I study the best solutions for always providing tailored and cutting-edge services to the existing and the new potential customers.
I coordinate and supervise some extraordinary tasks for the NOC, providing some references and procedures based on my experience.
I also have the opportunity to travel for knowing in person new customers and partners and/or for working on new Projects.

Which working experience did you have before MT?

Milano Teleport has been my very first work experience in this field, I started in 2013 and now it’s about 10 years since I’ve been working here.When I was really young, during my studies I had the opportunity to work for a few weeks as a waiter in a restaurant and it has been in any case a really formative experience for working in Team and in the public, in straight contact with customers and under pressure.

List 3 things that you enjoy the most about working in MT

The opportunity to see at 360° new things, it’s a constant challenge which allow to learn everyday something new.

The experience to work with international customers and partners from all around the world.

The possibility to work in a Team made of young and smart people.

How do you like to spend your free time (hobbies/passions…)? 

I love to spend my free-time with all my dear ones and with my “rascal dog”.🐶
One of my biggest passion is soccer and I’m a really big fan of the SCC Naples team💙; I really enjoy when we organize amatorial matches among colleagues;
I like to travel, especially in the seaside cities and seeing new places, different cultures and taste typical foods and drinks.🌍
I listen a lot of music and I like to sing, but I’m not good at it.🎤

A favourite quote or phrase:
Never give up


The 25 years experience in business lets MT operate in different types of markets and provide the best Internet communications solutions based on the needs of the specific sector where it interfaces.