MT Cybersecurity

November 2022

Are you going out for a while? Did you double-check to see if you locked your door? Hopefully, you did. It is crucial to be vigilant with security measures as you have to protect your assets from getting unauthorized access.

In digitalization, everything that we use belongs to the asset. It could be silly or sensitive information. Information that has the capability to destroy any level of secrecy often gets the priority. The procedure of protecting digital data is called cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a regular process of protecting data from unauthorized access. We protect the system’s hardware and software, and by doing this, we ensure the protection of the data. We no longer use paper to save information in this digital era. Every bit of data is contained within digital devices. Data is very important for a specific organization or individual person. Hackers are always trying to gain access to this data in order to gain control over the organization or individual. Hackers get access to the data and then steal it, modify it, or destroy it. Then, they go for the financial aspects. The biggest question becomes, how are they getting into it? We are transmitting information and somehow, they are receiving that transmission. That or they are sitting behind the wall and observing the data. We are communicating with others and they are in the middle of that communication channel and hijacking the data.

Cybersecurity has a huge impact on every industry. Organizations need to have a high level of cybersecurity to keep the business running because hackers are getting more skilled day by day. To keep pace with the situation, cybersecurity awareness needs to spread to all. Every sector that is connected with technology needs to follow cybersecurity protocol.

Many sectors have been involved but we will focus on one specifically. Maritime is an industry that has the ability to change any country’s economy. Cost is low and it is easy to use the sea route. Traveling by sea has its complications and so we cannot install any infrastructure there easily. For this reason, we have to use satellites to establish communication between the shore and the vessel.

How do we communicate through the satellite? We use a satellite antenna to transmit and receive and then process the data using other networking devices. To protect the communication channel, devices use different methods and each method has its own strategy to provide protection. Networking devices, IoT devices, and security devices provide protection that is operated and monitored by authorized personnel.

How do we ensure security? First priority is to ensure physical security because there is no way to prevent a cyber-attack if physical security breaches. After ensuring the physical security, we will talk about the security using the security devices.

Today we use the Next Generation firewall as our main security device. What it does in the network for protection is it has deep-level packet inspection features which keep the network safe from infected packets which a regular firewall cannot do. The advanced Intrusion Prevention feature is one of the best attributes it offers. Next generation firewall keeps the record and updates the intelligence of the device to avoid vulnerability. Regular firewalls block traffic and allow or deny packets but next-generation firewalls applies rules for a specific application. Next-generation firewall provides protection for all layers of the OSI model. A firewall is a device that acts first to protect the network and the next-generation firewall is the best of all these.

The security operations center is a place from which we monitor data and take actions as per security policy. SOC members are solely responsible to ensure security for an organization. Their main role is to monitor and investigate the security parameters if any tough situation arises and take necessary actions for that incident. If anyone from the SOC team becomes unreliable, we have to accept that security is at high risk for that organization. For this reason, SOC needs to be incredibly sincere and loyal to ensure security for the industry.

Another vital attribute is known as the end point user or device. The end point device is a laptop, mobile, or other digital devices which we usually use to communicate with others. These devices are responsible for most threats. The organization’s users and employees need to be educated enough to operate the end point device. Proper awareness and training for the user will reduce the possibility of bringing threats inside the organization.

All in all, it is more vital than ever to keep the secrecy of personal and organizational information. We depend on the devices for protection and that is why technology is upgrading day by day and bad people are taking advantage of the gap in the technology.

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