AnsuR and MT partnering to deliver high quality visual data transfer

January 2022

MT is pleased to announce that has become the new AnsuR Technologies (AnsuR) distribution partner.

Through this partnership MT’s customers around the globe, will have access to reliable communications and affordable visual situational awareness via AnsuR’s unique portfolio of solutions, designed to enable cost and bandwidth efficient sharing of photographs, video clips and real-time streaming video from anywhere, to anywhere on the planet.

Supporting a variety of use cases on land and at sea, including remote maintenance, telemedicine, and monitoring, the ASIGN family of software will provide MT’s customers with a cost-effective way  to share high precision images and video clips from a camera source operating at the edge to an online interactive, professional assessment platform enabling rapid situational awareness and accurate decision making.

ASMIRA enables the transfer of real time streaming video in bandwidth challenging environments from fixed and mobile platforms and removes the requirement for dedicated QoS or streaming connections. Using the more cost-effective background connection, HD video and specific regions of interest are transferred at data rates of less than 200kbps and can be shared with multiple viewers simultaneously. ASMIRA delivers increased operational efficiency, safety and security and reduces incident response time as well as SATCOM spend.

Paul Gudonis, AnsuR CEO states “We are incredibly pleased to announce Milano Teleport as the newest member of our distribution network and are excited to be working with the team.  By partnering with MT, customers will benefit from the very best connectivity service and support, coupled with the very best imagery and video transfer software to respond to one of the SATCOM industries biggest challenges”

Ole Peters, Managing Director MT Germany states “Working with AnsuR enables Milano Teleport to tackle one of the greatest challenges in satellite communication – limited bandwidth. Being able to offer these services to our customers is another USP in our portfolio. Knowing Paul from his previous career and following AnsuR from the early stages, we are excited to work with him and his team.”

About AnsuR

AnsuR was started in Oslo, Norway, in 2005, by Dr. Harald Skinnemoen, out of a desire to create ground-breaking visual communication solutions for real-world situations. Since then, AnsuR has grown consistently to include a highly talented and focused group of people working to drive constant improvement and evolution of our solutions to support those for whom visual communication is often mission critical.

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