16th March 2009

APPOINTMENT IN MIAMI, CRUISE SHIPPING EXHIBITION, BOOTH 1433 - Meet the innovative satellite broadband IP platform for cruise & shipping

State-of-the-art in maritime networking platform will meet members of trade in Miami, at the Seatrade Cruise Shipping 2009: iseaglobalTM, a market standard for its unrivalled competitivity, will be at OnWaves booth, #1433, from 16th to 19th March. Capable of bringing an Internet backbone in the middle of an Ocean, thanks to its three-axis autotracked two-way satellite antenna, the iseaglobalTM platform enables data distribution to final users through every kind of access technology. The platform has been the first one to introduce authomatic roaming beetween different satellite coverages, thus enabling service continuity without any need for having two antennas installed or for human intervention. Shipowner can rely on a flatrate, highly competitive tariff system. The system enables continuous connection with earth systems, spanning from fleet management and monitoring, to personal data, voice and messaging communications for passengers, crew and machine2machine, with the chance for adopting third-parties pre or post-payd billing systems for end users. In this case, the shipowner could be awarded of new incomes granted by revenue sharing policies which can significantly lower its service costs.

BROADCASTING'S MILANO TELEPORT GROWING CORE BUSINESS - New DTH Tv channels at 13° and 9° East. Occasional use increases too

Milano Teleport's growth's supported not only by its iseaglobalTM maritime platform wide success, but also by Tv Broadcasting continuous development. With a transmitting transponder at premium orbital position HOT BIRDTM at 13° East, our company can enable direct access to a hundreds-million households and hotel rooms audience in Europe, Northern Africa and Middle East, already connected. Exciting growth potential is given also by powerful geostationary satellite at 9° East, for the development of new Tv platforms at highly competitive tariffs. Milano Teleport could provide quotations also for encryption for conditioned access programs for pay-per-view contents. Occasional use's also growing, for feed channels able to rapidly connect one or more stations at the same time, even very far one from the other. Procurement of extremely performing satellites from different operators, allows Milano Teleport to apply particularly interesting conditions. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any instance.


iseaglobalTM's point of strength is guaranteed by its own wide success. The innovative broadband IP platform for maritime applications offers seamless worldwide coverage, high network peRformances and service continuity, even under highly stressing conditions. IseaglobalTM services have been developed by Milano Teleport, one of the leading Italian firms in satellite communications, beginning from heavy transport fleets real requirements, thus obtaining shipowners' reliance worldwide. They are now ready to climb cruise, ferry and yachting markets. After years of succesfully installations on hundreds of units belonging to the most famous shipping firms, iseaglobalTM systems are undergoing a test phase on-board a series of the world's leading cruise firm units. An extraordinary goal for Milano Teleport. Continuous growth is our business card.