11th September 2008

APPOINTMENT AT PAVILION B4 UPPER FLOOR, STAND 18 - Milano Teleport presents iseaglobalTM at the SMM exhibition in Hamburg

Merchant marine, super yachts and ferry boats are iseaglobalTM target, that is Milano Teleport product line dedicated to marine communication. The exhibition dedicated to shipbuilding, machinery and marine technology will take place in the city having the largest harbour in Europe. It is the ideal framework for the presentation of the service offered by Milano Teleport. The iseaglobalTM communication platform offers a permanent Internet connection for boats while at sea, with a worldwide coverage, highly customised services and flat-rate tariff. iseaglobalTM enables the passengers of ferryboats to use mobile phones and to navigate on the Internet while sailing by using their own laptop computers. Freighters can keep in contact with the shipowner's offices through all monitoring, management and communication systems, including VoIP telephony circuits, thus considerably improving the life-style of the crew. Luxury yachts will have access to all the functions of a mobile office. The service is available worldwide, within the C or Ku bands. Milano Teleport directly negotiates connectivity with the most important providers of geostationary satellite capacity (Eutelsat, Intelsat and New Skies fleets,etc.). Come and see us! Where we are.

DARFUR, MILANO TELEPORT CONNECTS THE EUFOR MISSION -  The Finnish contingent in Chad is "speaking" via Milano Teleport

Telemar Finland, a company controlled by Compagnia Generale Telemar in Rome, has selected Milano Teleport VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) services to supply the contingent of the Finnish army in Chad with a wide-band and high-speed connection within the scope of the Eufor Tchad/RCA mission. The European Union is leading the "bridge" operation in Chad for twelve months, starting from 15th March 2008 within the scope of the humanitarian emergency in Darfur and in compliance with resolution 1778/07 by the UNO Safety Council. It employs about 3,200 people as a whole to protect refugees, evacuees and humanitarian staff impartially, neutrally and independently. By using an Intelsat C-band satellite as well as an IP-protocol and iDirecttechnology device, the Finnish troops in the critical area can more easily communicate with the operational headquarters in Paris and with their own country.


The forthcoming SMM - Shipbuilding, Machinery & Marine Technology exhibition will be an international window-display for the Milano Teleport marine service at the Hamburg trade fair. The iseaglobalTM IP communication platform will be presented at the prestigious show dedicated to shipbuilding, machinery and technology for marine purposes. "The appointment in Hamburg is very important for us", underlines Mr. Pietro Guerrieri, Milano Teleport's CEO, "because the marine sector is of fundamental importance for us, just as the field of TV and data connections". iseaglobalTM is Milano Teleport IP-based satellite communication platform aimed at establishing a permanent Internet connection on sailing boats. "It is a sector in which the company has recently provided for diversification by making a large investment in terms of human resources and search for highly advanced technology, by entering partnerships ith the greatest players all over the world and by achieving considerable results", ended Mr. Guerrieri.