17th October 2009

MILANO TELEPORT STEPS ON THE NEW TELSTAR 11N AT 37.5° WEST - High Power beams over Europe, Africa, Americas and the Atlantic Ocean

Milano Teleport is proud to announce the beginning of a new partnership with Telesat Canada to offer to the customers the best and the cheapest services ever. The new powerful satellite T11N, recently launched from Baikonur, has entered into service. It is used by our company for terrestrial and maritime services. The 17 year expected lifetime of the satellite allows the development of a wide earth infrastructure in a very long term perspective. This Ku band satellite supports “Infinity” and “Evolution” iDirect modems, exclusively used by Milano Teleport for their great performances. The services are available on “Infinity” and “Evolution” platforms, that allow the coverage of the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Atlantic Ocean. These amazing new coverages will allow you to stay “always connected” from Stockholm to Punta Cana or comfortably sit in your holiday home in Provence. Telstar 11 N is actually used by thousands of satisfied customers. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our Sales Team.

NORD AFRICA, ARABIA & MIDDLE EAST: NEW SAT, NEW BUSINESS - Milano Teleport embarks on the Atlantic Bird 4A at 7° West

Always leveraging on the most efficient techology, Milano Teleport is particularly proud to introduce a new bird in its satellite portfolio: the ATLANTIC BIRDTM 4a at 7° West. The new satellite comes from one of the most established firms in communication landscape, Eutelsat, verywell known for quality and power of its orbiting devices. We offer this new satellite capacity for Direct-to-Home TV bouquet services and contributions to cable operators throughout North Africa and Middle East. Contribution to the new platform can take place via other satellite channels or terrestrial backbone, consisting tipically of an MPEG-2 encoder with Cisco Router. MT will sell or lease this MPEG-x encoder to the customer. The output of the encoder might be a Fast Ethernet (IP-VPN) for injecting the generated stream into E1 or E3 leased lines. It must be emphasized that although the encoder has an IP interface, the transport of the live stream is NOT done through the public Internet. Internet does not give guarantees on the delivery of all IP packets. Our solution is based on the usage of dedicated leased lines, and since no other users are on these lines, the IP traffic will be guaranteed. Milano Teleport is based in southern Milan, well linked with all main ISPs fiber optic (Fastweb, Reetelit, Interoute, Telecom Italia). Milano Teleport is an independent company. For further informations, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team.


Twelve years... on the crest of the wave: it's an important corner stone for the company, continuously committed in evolving and expanding since its foundation, a dozen of years ago. Our structure continues ensuring high performance connectivity worldwide through different satellites, for Tv Broadcasting, Radio and Data applications, granting digital access to hundreds of fixed and maritime remote stations all over the world. "The best anniversary for our enterprise", commented CEO, Mr. Pietro Guerrieri, "comes in a period of strong uncertainty. This goal witnesses the value of Milano Teleport continuous investments in resources and new services. I'd like to thank all our customers and all the people at Milano Teleport".