13th November 2009

MT SWITCHES ON ITS NEW IDIRECT X3 PLATFORM ON W6 @ 21.5° EAST - New platform performances increase under highly stressing conditions!

Milano Teleport is proud to announce the deployment of a new satellite network for two-way broadband connections over EUTELSATTM W6 satellite in geostationary orbit at 21.5° East. The network is based on brand-new iDirectTM Evolution® DVBS2/ACM X3 platform. The new system performances are boosted by ACM - Adaptive Coding and Modulation: this transmission feature automatically increases datatransfer's QoS (Quality of Service), thus compensating signal's elusiveness eventually introduced by adverse weather conditions (e.g. rain storms). This feature guarantees higher service availability and automatically restores original bandwidth allocations and Error Control ratios once environmental conditions are quite normal. For these very important reasons, our network is also known as "iDirectTM Intelligent Platform". «By implementing this new generation hub/remote station network, over a powerful satellite that ecompasses Euro-Mediterranean countries, Middle-East, the Arabic poeninsula and the Stans, Milano Teleport confims itself as one of the most innovative satellite communication providers in the global scenario», Milano Teleport CEO, Mr. Pietro Guerrieri, said. Thanks to its SatJumper technology, Milano Teleport provides solutions that are able to automathically switch between different satellite coverages by calculating the best signal available among various orbital positions. For more informations about all our services, please do not hesistate to write to our Sales Team.


The iDirect Intelligent Platform™ supported by Milano Teleport is the leading IP-based, bandwidth-efficient satellite platform for commercial, government and military communications, and the first TRANSECcompliant, FIPS-certified security package in the satellite industry. Certain situations require the absolute highest levels of security that go beyond encryption, masking traffic fluctuations and authenticating remote terminals. The flexibility and scalability of the iDirect product line make possible the implementation of “true” private networks with AES encryption, VLAN segregation and military-grade TRANSEC security and FIPS 140-2 certification to ensure secure connectivity for end users.


Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is an encryption standard with a key size of 256-bit. iDirect’s remote routers and line cards offer two-way AES encryption. Link encryption encrypts everything over the satellite concurrently allowing TCP acceleration to be performed on TCP traffic. This is unlike other IPSec architectures that defeat TCP acceleration and are subject to severe throughput issues. iDirect link encryption comes with a dynamic key exchange that provides a very high level of security within the network.


With IP routing protocols such as Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) tagging, the iDirect platform seamlessly integrates into core MPLS networks. IDirect’s 802.1q VLAN support allows for traffic segregation using only one infrastructure by permitting a remote router to have multiple VLANs associated with it.

FIPS 140-2 Compliance

iDirect’s solutions are designed to be FIPS 140-2 compliant. This meets the strict U.S. Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) security requirement – the government’s security standards for handling sensitive information.


iDirect TRANSEC (Transmission Security) communications platform secures VSAT transmissions from interception and exploitation by incorporating encryption. iDirect complies with all three TRANSEC requirements:

• Masking channel activity: with its free slot allocation, the iDirect solution has uniform sizes of all TDMA slots. This creates a wall of data that negates the risk of using transmission activity as an intelligence-gathering mechanism.

• Control channel information: with FIPS 140-2 certified encryption, 256-bit keyed AES encryption and over-the-air key update features, the content and size of all user traffic, as well as network link layer traffic, is completely indeterminate from an adversary’s perspective.

• Hub and remote authentication and validation: iDirect’s TRANSEC solution includes a remote-to-hub and a hub-to-remote authentication protocol based on standard X.509 certificates. This is designed to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks with public and private key encryption on remotes and hubs. (Source: iDirectTM)


True mobility can be achieved with iDirect’s spread spectrum, global NMS, automatic beam switchover and advanced features that ensure seamless connectivity as vessels, yachts, aircrafts or small highspeed land vehicles travel among multiple networks.

Spread Spectrum

Spread spectrum ensures seamless, highspeed connectivity to small antennas on aircraft, maritime and land-based vehicles. iDirect Spread Spectrum implementation significantly reduces the risk of causing adjacent satellite interference from small antennas by spreading out the bandwidth and power of the satellite capacity. The utilization of Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) in a TDMA architecture is a very efficient use of spread spectrum; it enables only one remote terminal to transmit, lowering the required spread factor and yielding a more resourceful system. The iDirect spreading factor is adjustable between 2 and 16 times, making it highly flexible to adjust to any bandwidth requirement.

Global NMS

To achieve global coverage remotes need to move among networks on various transponders and satellites, controlled from a variety of hubs and network management systems around the world. iDirect’s single Global Network Management System (Global NMS) enables service providers to monitor and manage each traveling remote, ensuring a consistent connection as it passed through separate networks around the world. Global NMS enables every remote to have multiple instances in the different hubs while being uniquely identified by a fixed global IP address when travelling around the globe.


iDirect features an industrial-grade product line consisting of hubs, line cards and remotes that are designed specifically for transport and deployment in harsh environmental conditions. These products are all tested and certified in accordance with the MIL-STD 810F standards for temperature, altitude, humidity, shock and vibration performance making it a logical choice for deployments in communications-on-the-move networks. (Source: iDirectTM)


This is the comfortable place into where we have recently moved our registered office in the Venice region. A spacious new site where our business will be able to keep growing. MT's new office snailmail address in Venice from now on is via San Giuliano 4 - 30173 Venezia Mestre. All other contact details (snail-mail address in Milan, e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers) do not change.